Slice Of Life – Tell The Stories You Want To See

I am definitely not the first writer to share the advice…

Write the stories you want to read

Nor will I be the last. It is as powerful as it is simple. I confess, while I read books during primary school, it was not one of my favorite pastimes. That all changed when I was in year 7, after I read ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’ or as called in some countries ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’.

As I grew older and reading became a hobby, I branched out to different genres; crime, young adult, fantasy, action, thriller, and after reaching the last page of each book, I always found one common thought that lingered in my mind.

How would I have written this story differently?

Truth was even if I was happily satisfied, there was always something that I felt was missing; a character development arc that went unfinished or underdeveloped. A story plot that went nowhere, themes that didn’t resonate with me, something. It was this missing feeling, amongst other reasons, that motivated me to write my first novel ‘Lakeside’.


Now, my book is not perfect. People love it, people enjoyed it, but other people were also disappointed. You know what? That’s more than fair. I’m a believer in constructive criticism and hearing their valuable feedback allowed me to grow as a writer. And who knows? Maybe my book will motivate them to write the stories that they want to read, just like it did and continues to do so for me and other writers.

Become the author of your life

However I don’t just practice this advice to my writing either. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the lessons I learn about writing, I apply to my own life as well. In this case my life is my story. Your life is your story.

If people heard your name, what would want them to know?

What story do you want to tell?


Thank you again to those who have read this post. I would like to mention again that what I write about are simply a reflection of my own personal experiences. By sharing my thoughts about the things that have motivated and inspired me as well as the people in my life, I am hoping I could motivate and inspire others. I am aware that everyone’s situation is different and if what you are doing works for you, I’m really glad. Please continue doing what you’re doing.

Photo Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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