Reach Out

As with many others, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’m now required to work from home, putting a hold with my face-to-face support with clients.

In the build up to this decision, my team had understandable concerns, and a main one was the well-being of the clients who had to self-isolate at home. In these hard times, we felt it was important, more than ever, to show them our support.

The clients have told us how much they look forward to our weekly activities. So we were sad because we didn’t want to take that away from them.

We didn’t want to just disappear at a time that they could be most vulnerable. Some of these people have been abandoned throughout their lives by family and friends.

Will they see this as us abandoning them too?

Thankfully my team were told by management that we can still provide phone support. We were relieved. I was relieved. Relieved that we can still reach out to the clients.

Relieved that we can show them that we’re still here, because even if we don’t see them in person, it was better than just ceasing support altogether.

When we told the clients about the phone calls, they smiled and said they were grateful that they’ll continue to hear from us. It mattered to them. It mattered to us.

So if you know anyone that you’re concerned about right now, give them a call, a text or a message and ask how they’re doing.

Reach out.

It might matter to them.

*          *          *

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I’d like to mention that what I write about is simply a reflection of my own personal experiences.

By sharing my thoughts about the things that have motivated and inspired me as well as the people in my life, I’m hoping I could motivate and inspire others.

I’m aware that everyone’s situation is different and if what you are doing works for you, I’m really glad. Please continue doing what you’re doing.

I also hope you’re all keeping yourselves and your love ones safe during these times with the coronavirus. Please continue to look after each other.

*          *          *

Photo Credit: Pexels from Pixabay

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